OSCE online web and iPad or Android apps

OSCE Online, a Web app + iPad app or Android app combo for Online Paperless Objective Structured Clinical exams

OSCE online web application

OSCE online Web application

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1) Create OSCE exams and publish to ipad or Android Tab

2) Create OSCE Station Checklists

3) Publish to iPad or Android Tab

OSCE online iPad or Android software applications

OSCE online iPad or Android application

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1) Register using your Facebook/LinkedIn ID

2) After registering, login with Demo login details provided

3) Login using either "Admin", "Examiner", "Unmanned" modes

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OSCE Assessment by Examiners on iPad or Android Tab

OSCE online modules
  •    Manage Unmanned, Manned and Multi-Manned Stations
  •    Create custom Checklist on the fly
  •    Securely store Student Assessment data
  •    No Multiple Apps Needed

OSCE online Exam system

OSCEOnline System

  • iPad app or Android app for conducting online paperless OSCE.
  • Exam Scheduler.
  • Check list creator.
  • Student assessment reports.

OSCE online Exam scheduler

Exam Scheduler

  • A secure cloud based application to create, schedule exam
  • Manage the stakeholders like patients, examiner and the students

OSCE online Checklist creator

Checklist Creator

  • Dynamic template creation engine for creating station checklists
  • All types of checklist elements are supported - single and multi-selection, text box, labels, lists.
  • Support customizable scoring patterns with every checklist.
OSCE online iPad or Android applications

iPad or Android Applications

  • The examiner can assess students for the assigned station.
  • Evaluate the student on their clinical, behavioral and diagnostic parameters.
  • Access iPad app or Android app using ssl for security.

Demo and Enterprise Edition

Feature Demo Edition Enterprise Edition
Scheduling Exams
Assign examiners and patients
Add examiner and patient
Create Checklists
Preview checklists
Assign checklists to stations
Add students and create batches
Data location Cloud based Standalone
Log in modes supported Social login University specific
Security - Secure HTTP
Data encryption
OSCEonline ipad or Android Apps Access Online / Offline Online / Offline
iOS cloud back up
Reports- Access student reports

Why is OSCEOnline needed?

    OSCEOnline ensures a paperless, secure, accurate online OSCE.

  • No more OCR validations and manual interventions
  • Supports descriptive assessment feedback apart from Objective ratings.
  • Allows access/export student data as CSV extracts.
  • Supports multiple user types on Single app,hence no multiple apps required.
  • Un-manned and Multi manned support for a single station.
  • Data is secure and encrypted both on device and website.

Where is OSCEOnline used?

    OSCEOnline can be used across any OSCE format based exam like USMLE,MRCOG.

How is OSCEOnline used?

    All you would need is a University hosted server for OSCE scheduling and a single iPad or Android Tab for each station/examiner.

Who can use OSCEOnline?

  • OSCE Program delivery teams.
  • Examiners.
  • Medical Instructionists.
  • OSCE checklist creators.


Measure and Analyze OSCE Assessment Results across Stakeholders

OSCE Online's Reporting and Analytics framework helps you recognize the trends and patterns underlying your OSCE exam assessment results thus shaping learning outcomes positively.

OSCE online Exam Reports

What can you Measure and Analyze in your OSCE Exam? OSCE onlines Reporting Frameworks includes
   How did the students perform across the assessment? Student/ Station/ Learning objective level reports
   How do you coach students to improve their performance? Exam and station reliability metrics via Chronbach Alpha
   Which learning objectives do I need to focus on? Detailed statistical summary and graphical plots
   How valid and reliable are my stations and the overall assessment? Master raw data extracts to further analyse on any statistical tool
   How did each indvidual student perform and how do I improve their performance? Border line Regression (BLR) based standard setting
Multiple modes to calculate the station cut offs and overall pass standard


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is OSCE Online?

    A Free iPad or Android demo app for conducting online paperless Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE).

  2. What comprises OSCE online?

    iPad or Android Demo App - Used by examiners for evaluating specific stations during OSCEs. Refer link for iPad or Android free app download.

    Secure Web based Server interface used by examiners for Station checklist creation.

    Scheduling OSCEs and Accessing student reports for completed examinations.

  3. How each component works?

    Data flow diagram

    OSCE online components
  4. How do you access OSCEOnline?

    The iPad app or Android app is a free cloudbased application available to every registered user. It can be downloaded for free from the Apple iStore or Google Play

  5. How to register for OSCEOnline?

    User registration can be either on OSCEonline ipad app or Android app or on the OSCE online web site. Register with your Facebook or Linkedin login details or sign in using your email id.

  6. Who are the Users for OSCEOnline?

    OSCE Administrators responsible for program delivery and assesments.

    Checklist Creators responsible for creating checklist evaluation items, case description and station assessment design.

    OSCE Examiners responsible for student evalution at each station and acessing student assessment reports.

    Station Setup Assistants responsible for provisioning and logistics of each station.

  7. What does the app do?

    It is a paperless way of conducting OSCEs for medical students

  8. How is OSCE conducted on the iPad app or Android app?

    The app has three modes of user login, depending on the user profile.

    OSCE examiner login - Can view the scheduled exams for the day and the stations he/she is associated with

    Administrator login- The admin login mode has two sub options namely

    Test mode: Can conducted a dry run on test and can view all scheduled dates/stations/batches assigned/students available for a given exam.

    Standby examiner mode: In the absence of the examiner a back up examiner can replace the predesignated examiner for the scheduled session.

    Un-manned examiner login- the administrator has the privilege of mapping a Station assistant to an unmanned station. Station assistant manages the app on the device only and does not play any role in the student assessment purposes. The students answer the checklist for post-encounter stations.

  9. Which devices support the app?

    The app is supported on the 10" iPad for iOS versions 5.0 and 6.0. We have plans to launch the app for the 7" iPad as well. We have launched an Android app which is available on Google Play.

  10. What does the site do?

    www.OSCEOnline.com is a secure web based server interface used by examiners for

    Creating station checklists.

    Scheduling OSCEs.

    Accessing student reports for completed examinations.

  11. Which browsers are supported?

    Mozilla firefox, Chrome, Safari are supported browsers. We are in the process of supporting Internet Explorer Version 8.0 and above

  12. How secure is the data?

    All data communication to iPad or Android Tab is via secure https

    Offline data is encrypted on the device.

    Need only access to data basis user login.

    Checklist creation executed directly on secure website and checklist data is not saved on the local device.

    All website communication is on secure https.

  13. Who maintains the software?

    OSCEOnline software is maintained and supported by Mobivatar Interactive Technologies Private Limited.

    Demo edition is hosted on the cloud and maintained by us.

    Enterprise edition will be hosted within university premises. We can support based on your requirement.


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